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Blue became unilaterally deaf 3 yrs ago. She probably went through a severe infection. We managed to learn how to keep communication alive even if in the beginning her way to communicate with me was exagerated and emphasized because she thought I didn’t get her condition. I have posted here a little piece of an article on deaf dogs.
Many of us find themselves in this situation. Please know there is much you can do to have a rewarding relationship with your dog anyway. “Signs Of Ear Or Hearing Problems With Your Dog
If your dog experiences the following, it could be a sign of deafness or another ear condition that should be evaluated by your veterinarian: -Inattentiveness or change in obedience
-Inability or confusion when following familiar vocal commands
-Prolonged barking
-Difficulty waking up
-Repetitive head shaking or tilting toward side of affected ear
-Painful ears or smelly discharge from ears
-Change in personality”

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An emotion is a heuristic, a mental shortcut that allows people to make decisions and solve problems quickly and efficiently, in which current emotion—fear, pleasure, surprise, etc.—influences decisions. It is perhaps a subconscious process that shortens the decision-making process and allows people to function without having to complete an extensive search for information”

It’s just 5 minutes.
How do you cultivate mindfulness? One way is to meditate. A basic method is to focus your attention on your own breathing—a practice simply called “mindful breathing.” After setting aside time to practice mindful breathing, you’ll find it easier to focus attention on your breath in your daily life—an important skill to help you deal with stress, anxiety, and negative emotions, cool yourself down when your temper flares, and sharpen your ability to concentrate. TRY IT!



“When Dogs Play, They Follow the Golden Rules of Fairness
Fair play requires dogs to stick to mutually agreed upon codes of conduct. Just about everyone who lives with a dog knows they can learn the house rules—and when they break one, their subsequent groveling is usually ingratiating enough to ensure quick forgiveness. But few people have stopped to ask why dogs have such a keen sense of right and wrong. “ Marc Bekoff wrote this interesting article Nov. 2019, for who of you that don’t know him he is Professor Emeritus of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology at the University of #Colorado, Boulder. He is the co-founder, with Jane Goodall, of #Ethologists for the Ethical Treatment of Animals, a fellow of the Animal Behavior Society and a former Guggenheim fellow. He lectures internationally on #animal behavior, cognitive ethology (the study of animal minds), and behavioral ecology, and writes a science column about animal emotion for Psychology Today. He is an advocate for the compassionate conservation movement.

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Throughout history #donkeys have been by our side.
Donkeys have been a cornerstone in human existence and they still prop up entire communities today, ferrying water, food and crops. They are highly intelligent creatures, sociable and calm, capable of independent #thinking and #decision making. They are #strongand won’t do something they consider unsafe, which makes them a great, #trusted companion. Donkeys are, quite simply, #amazing.

There are over 44 million donkeys worldwide and sadly so many are subjected to neglect and abuse, overworked and left in agony to die. This happens due to a lack of education, a lack of understanding of what good care looks like and the hardships of day to day life facing families and communities across the world. Many drive their donkeys into the grave simply out of a need to survive, to ensure their children and families are fed and sheltered. And when those families can no longer depend on their donkeys, more often than not its women, children and particularly girls who feel the impact most. Everyone’s lives are destroyed. …. at the Donkey Sanctuary they provide lifesaving veterinary care, train vets and educate current and future donkey owners. They deliver donkey assisted therapy to support children and adults with special educational needs or those suffering from chronic illness. And, of course, they provide sanctuary to donkeys who have been neglected, abused and abandoned. “ Adopt a donkey! I love donkeys… maybe one day I get to have one all for